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October 25, 2017 David Haskell No comments exist

The real world is a complicated place – our ideas about it, not so much. Yet we should always be smarter than our ideas! Ideas exist within certain structural contexts, so called “mental models,” or frames of reference. It’s important to be able to look at these structures with an objective and critical eye….

August 31, 2017 David Haskell 4 comments

“Think outside the box!” we say to each other cheerfully, whenever there is pressure to innovate. The advanced players will quip back: “Which box?” Think outside the box indeed. Fresh ideas come from challenging the status quo. If we keep doing things the same way, we should expect the same results. We need to…

May 25, 2017 David Haskell 13 comments

Asked how he developed his famous law of universal gravitation, Isaac Newton quipped: “By thinking on it continually.” Contrast this with the myth that it came to him all at once when an apple fell on his head!   Albert Einstein attributed his own achievements to his willingness to spend 20 minutes on a…