Wouldn’t it be great if every conflict or problem we encountered included this cautionary flag? If every project we took on, had a little pop-up box – like our computers do – warning us to “SEEK CLARITY” before proceeding?   But it’s something we have to discipline ourselves to do for ourselves! We have

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Do you think philosophy is bullshit?   Maybe it’s not total bullshit. Philosophy is well and good for kids in school, for instance, but not practical in the real world?   We love to joke about philosophy majors flipping burgers for a living, don’t we?   Philosophy sounds like a lot of talk and

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Though – as naturally as a seed becomes a tree of arm wide girth – There can rise a nine-tiered tower from a man’s handful of earth Or here at your feet a thousand mile journey have birth” – Lao Tzu

  Now, after years of gestation and months

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